Hydro-Bugs Dry Beneficial Bacteria

Also sold as a liquid!

“Our 1500 gallon pond had been cloudy for multiple years. The hydro-bugs cleared the entire pond in two days. The pond looks as clear as glass now. We love Hydro-Bugs!” – Nancy O., Springfield OH

“My pond was a green mess and this cleared my pond in 5 days!” – Ron J., Bath Township OH

“Awesome, kept water clear like bath water all summer. Highly recommended!” – Denise S., Columbus OH

“I put Green-Be-Gone in my biological filter once a week. It clears my water within a few days and I have a lot of fish!” – Helen E., Yellow Springs OH

“Green-Be-Gone is great stuff – makes my pond clear!” – Randy, Brighton OH

“Have used Green-Be-Gone for years & love the results!” – Doug C., Enon OH

Green-Be-Gone Dry Beneficial Bacteria


Barley Extract Super Liquid

Also available in bales!
Also available in bales!

“I have used the extract for over 5 years and my water has been crystal clear.” also added “It has been getting harder to find for some reason.” – Desiree F., Springfield OH

“I love Liquid Barley Extract by Green Vista. This is the best product I’ve ever used for algae prevention!” – Larry G., Sydney OH

“I tried the barley extract last year & it worked very well. That’s why I’m getting more!” – Carolyn C., Fairborn OH

“Love the Green Vista Super Liquid Barley Extract” – John S., MO

“Tropical water lilies are definitely one of our favorites because they always have a bloom.” – Kim & Joe M., Springfield OH

Loves her Tropical Lily (Star of Siam) Has had this lily 3-4 years in a row. Likes it so much it is used as the desktop picture on her computer. – Betty C., Marion OH

“I have done the hardy lilies before – a lot of work…tropical lilies bloom more & stand above water. They’re no trouble, I love them!” – Judy W., Tipp City OH

“Great water coverage.” Has put two tropical lilies in pond each year. “Have given constant blooms, they’re worth the money!” – Ken & Sally, Kenton OH

UV Clarifiers

“My pond was all green in full sun, I added a 25 Watt U.V. lamp and within 2 days I could see my koi!” – Michael E., Piqua OH

“We saw a big difference in 2 days from using the Aqua UV Light. It was completely clear in 3 days! It was so worth the money.” – Barbara & Ron, Urbana OH

“The U.V. Light is the best purchase I have made for my pond. Not one problem with water clarity since using the U.V. Light.” – Betty C., Marion OH

“I’m a believer in U.V. Lights. My water is crystal clear!” – John S., West Carrollton OH

“Pump has lasted 12 years with only a single volute replacement. Still running!” (Pondmaster 4800 Hy-Drive Pump) – Charles E., Centerville OH

“Brought in to have a new impeller put in the pump. Pump is about 8 years old. Has been a really good pump. We have definitely gotten our moneys worth!” (Went 8 years without replacing impeller [Pondmaster Model 12 Mag-Drive Pump])” – Connie, Enon OH

“We never had any problems with it. It worked great for 6 years!” (Model 18 Mag-Drive Pump) – Patty R., Springfield OH

“Great pump! Purchased in November of 1999 and ran it year round non stop. Pump quit working in May of 2012.” – Ronny & Brenda R., Urbana OH

“My Pondmaster 950 gph pump is 6 years old & I run it 24/7 year-round. I’ve only had to replace the impeller once.” – Mike R., Springfield OH

“Had Pondmaster 350 gph pump for 7-8 years. Came in the store to purchase a new one!” – Don F., Xenia OH