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Pond Supplies & Equipment

Pond Pump The pond pump is the heart of your water garden. Choose a good, energy efficient model design for continuous use. An efficient pond pump is essential for economical operation of ponds with biological filters. Green Vista has a good selection of quality pond pumps designed to be efficient and long lasting. Choose from Danner Supreme Mag-Drive, Cal Pumps, Tsurumi, VANCS, Ebara and Easy Pro. Pump sizes range from 75gph suitable for fountains and statuary to 5020gph designed to power large waterfall and stream systems.

Green Vista Water Gardens carries a complete line of KISS Biological Filters. KISS filters are a full line of pond filters for most any size pond. Biological filters are highly effective and easy to keep clean. They perform 2 main functions in the backyard pond, 1) break down toxic fish waste, and 2) help maintain clear water.

Pond skimmers are essentially deluxe pre-filters that attach to the edge of any flexible liner pond providing easy access to the pond pump (pump sets inside the skimmer chamber drawing water through the weir) and reduce the maintenance required for your pond by collecting leaves and other floating debris. They are most effective for strong>water gardens without a heavy coverage of lily pads or other floating plants.

Green Vista carries a complete line of fish care products, including fish food, water treatments and water test kits. We have aquatic plant fertilizer and products for aquatic plant insect control. Underwater lighting, filter media and pest control products are in stock. Having problems with herons? Try our heron decoy, it’s both decorative and can deter those pesky birds.

Green Vista has a wide selection of decorative accessories for your water garden. Spouters are available in sizes less than 2 inches to over 2 feet. Choose from frogs, turtles, herons, whimsical angels or gothic gargoles.

Green Vista also carries:

Pond Liners
Pond Underlayment
Flexible hose
Algae control products
Ultra-Violet Sterilizers
Pond Heaters
Underwater Lights

Whatever your garden pond needs, Green Vista has a great selection from which to choose. Visit our Retail Store soon!